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I have a new computer, how do I move my VCADD installation to it?


For VCADD 7 and later, the original installation should be deactivated before moving it to a new computer.  If the old installation is not deactivated, the new installation may not activate when registered.  To deactivate VCADD7 and later, start VCADD and then open the About Visual CADD dialog from the Help menu.  Click the Deactivate button at the lower left of the dialog.

When setting up VCADD on a new computer, it's important that you use the VCADD setup program to install VCADD.  The latest version of the setup can be downloaded from www.tritools.com.  After installing, use your User ID/keycode to register the new install.

Once VCADD has been installed, you can copy your settings from the old computer to the new one.

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