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When I Zoom All (ZA), my drawing vanishes
What is the current version of VCADD and how do I get it?
Why does my cursor have a circle on it?
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I have a new computer, how do I move my VCADD installation to it?
I don't like VCADD's folder layout, can I change it?
Configuration Files
How do I convert v5 hatches to v6?
How do I find errors in my configuration files?
How do I convert my multiline settings to the V6 format?
Printing & Plotting
Why are the lines on my printout gray or very thin?
Why are my plots the wrong size?
Error Code 487
My VCADD installation is not working properly, what should I do?
Spellcheck does not detect mispelt words (VCADD6)
What languages can I program macros in?
Where can I find out more about the VCADD API?

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