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What is the current version of VCADD and how do I get it?
Why does my cursor have a circle on it?
When I try to save a Multiline style in v6, why do I get an error message?
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I have a new computer, how do I move my VCADD installation to it?
I don't like VCADD's folder layout, can I change it?
Configuration Files
How do I convert v5 hatches to v6?
How do I convert my multiline settings to the V6 format?
Printing & Plotting
Why are the lines on my printout gray or very thin?
Why are my plots the wrong size?
My VCADD installation is not working properly, what should I do?
Error Code 487
What languages can I program macros in?
Where can I find out more about the VCADD API?

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